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KSA workshop - April 2010

During the months of February and March the team developed the curriculum on interview skills, CV writing, laws and regulations for women in working place. They have also contacted professionals to help them develop and conduct workshops on business start up for women.

The workshop was held at the chambers of commerce on the 3rd and 4th of April, 2010. This was a two day workshop covering labour laws in KSA and Business startup for women. The aim of these YWL workshops was to educate and reach out to as many participants as possible.


The sessions focused on the following:

  • Women's role in National Development;
  • Labor Laws and Women in the Workplace;
  • Khadija's Bint Khowailed success story ;
  • C.V Writing; and
  • Interview Skills

Riyadh- Two workshops were held at the King Saud University (KSU) on the 25th of May and the Prince Sultan University (PSU) on the 30th of May. The workshops focused on the topics of:

  1. Resume writing and Interview skills ;
  2. How to start your own small business & Women rights under Saudi Labor Laws; and
  3. Interview Skills.

Riyadh- Two workshop The workshops were attended by interested students and women entrepreneurs who showed great interest and enthusiasm for the topics. Moreover, the young women leaders were able to build great rapport with the participants through interactive Q&A sessions.


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