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About the Team

Program Director, Imad Salamey

Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Affairs at the Lebanese American University. He received his Ph.D. in Political Science from Wayne State University in 2003. His research interests focus on topics of ethnicity, democracy and governance.
He has various publications related to the advancement of ethno-sectarian relations, democracy and electoral reforms in Lebanon and the Middle East. Dr. Salamey has taught in both Lebanon and the U.S. courses and graduate seminars in Democracy and Development, Globalization and Political Change, Transition toward Democracy in the Middle East, and Women in Politics. He has been active in establishing a wide network of civil society organizations committed to democratic change throughout Lebanon and the Middle East.

Program Coordinator, Nabelah A. Haraty

Lecturer of Communication Arts at the Lebanese American University. She received her MLA from the University of Western Maryland and her Ed.D from the University of Brunel. Dr Haraty teaches Fundamentals of Oral Communication and English as a second language. Her publications and research are related to the field of oral communication and sociolinguistics. She has given many workshops in her areas of expertise and co-authored a textbook on teaching English as a second language. Her present interests include; Critical Thinking, Communication and Public Relations, Communication and Leadership, and The Laughing Classroom.

Administrative and Project Coordinator, Tracy Sahyoun

Graduate Student at the Lebanese American University majoring in Political Science/International Affairs. Ms. Sahyoun is currently working on her MA thesis researching community policing models as a means to mainstream the Child Rights Convention within Lebanon. Her thesis aims at finding ways to enhance the juvenile justice system in Lebanon. Ms. Sahyoun has received her BA from LAU majoring in Political Science/International Affairs with an emphasis on Diplomacy and Consular Services.


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