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Traveling Road Showcase -Yemen - September , 2010

The Yemeni showcase was a success for LAU, MEPI and the YWL members in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Bahrain. It took place on 28 and 29 September and was attended by activists, childhood specialists, school directors, journalists…from different parts of Yemen. On the first day, Dr. Nabelah Haraty introduced the project, its purposes, and future prospects. The Bahrain YWL team introduced their project, talked about their mission and its objectives. Ms. Huda Radhi highlighted the importance of the Family Day which was a great achievement. She highlighted the role of the media throughout the process. Ms. Fatima Hojairi talked about the laws and how the team managed to achieve their objectives working within the Bahraini laws. She revealed a 7-minute video showing a media interview with the Bahraini team. Mr. Sayed Adnan then explained how the project was implemented. The audience showed a great interest and was asking the team members questions about the challenges facing the project and whether the project will be extended to include other aspects. The Bahrain team consists of: Ms. Huda Radhi, Ms. Fatima Hojairi, Mr. Sayed Adnan, Ms. Naema Al Samak, and Ms. Amina Hassan.


In the afternoon, Ms. Lana Komsany introduced the Saudi project. She talked about the importance of work for women and highlighted the importance of women choosing their own career. She stressed the fact that in order to empower women in KSA, awareness campaigns should target both men and women. That is why the Saudi team ensured that their workshops would target both women and men. Ms. Komsany listed the activities of the team. She noted that the Chamber of Commerce in KSA was the best place to conduct workshops so that both men and women would attend and interact. Ms. Lana explained that many problems facing women in businesses were identified throughout the YWL-KSA activities and workshops. Among the activities undertaken by the Saudi team were: teaching how to write a CV and how to decide a career. The Saudi team consists of: Ms. Lana Komsany, Ms. Ghadeer Al Sobahi, Ms. Esraa Al Safadi, and Ms. Tala Al Hejaili.


On the second day, Ms. Shadya Al Hobeshi talked about the initiation of the Yemeni project and the success stories. She revealed pictures and videos of the Yemeni team visits to schools and their activities. Ms. Hobeishi explained how they talked to the brothers and fathers of the young girls in schools and how they gave them lessons on the importance of education and awareness. A school Director, Mr. Abd Al Malak Handal, was among the participants. He testified that nowadays girls’ enrollment in schools is higher than that of boys as a result of the awareness campaigns. Ms. Rasha Hobeshi, from the FAD, explained that many fathers have accepted to return their daughters to school and many others were convinced that girls’ education is essential, here lie the success stories. Ms. Shadya Al Hobeshi asked the participants to make a drawing reflecting the situation of girls’ education in Yemen. This activity was previously done with parents and posters of previous activities were posted all over the room and were very well received by the audience. The Yemeni team consists of: Ms. Hanan Al Hobeishi, Ms. Shadya Al Hobeshi, Mr. Yaseen Ahmed, Ms. Majda Awasah and Mr. Ibrahim Mothana.


In the afternoon, Dr. Haraty talked briefly about the process of applying, selecting and participating in the first phase of the YWL workshop last year. Then she moved on to explain how to overcome some of the problems that the different team members mentioned in their presentations such as communication skills, lack of leadership traits, and how to motivate members to work toward a common goal. This was done through a series of exercises and applications. The presentation was very well received and the audience was eager for more as they were continuously asking questions and expressing their opinions. Click here to watch the video


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